Dynamic Forms

What is Dynamic Forms?

Dynamic Forms is a solution that lets you create powerful rich forms without using code. By using the graphical user interface, you can customize the layout using headings or custom HTML, tooltips, tabs or accordions. You can arrange form fields side by side, and you can add triggers and rules to control which fields are visible, hidden, read-only or required.

The vLookup feature lets you create relationships between two or more lists / libraries and expose the related items as part of your form.  This feature allows us to provide our SuperView forms where from a single form the user can access all related items, documents, tasks etc.   Eliminating the need to go from one list to another.


  • Gives users a much more intuitive and powerful forms experience
  • Group form fields under tabs, headings and columns
  • Display messages or alerts based on input
  • Rules based dynamic display of fields, tabs etc. based on conditions such as field value
  • Set field values, or run functions based on conditions
  • Control field, and tab display based on permissions
  • Virtual lookup (vLookup) is a powerful related list / library function in forms



Before Dynamic Forms Integration


After Dynamic Forms Implementation


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